Funded by Eurostars

BacSens Funded by EU is a collaboration between art photonics GMBH, BacAlert IVS, Odense University Hospital and Danish Fundamental Metrology A/S, and intends to develop and commercialize a novel in-situ multi sensor platform for use in hospitals and private clinics.

BacSens is funded by the EU initiative Eurostars.

BacSens interface


BacSens Interface

The Bacteria Sensing Device (BacSens) is a highly reliable bacteria sensing device, which is able to detect presence of antibiotic resistant bacteria, in real time and on the spot.

The developed technology has the potential to substitute expensive and time-consuming laboratory testing procedures, and reduce high risks and costs associated with the spread of antibiotic resistant and virulent bacteria when undetected and not contained in time.

This will allow for radically improved protection of human beings against hospital-acquired infections (HAI) during hospitalization.




art photonics GmbH was founded in Berlin in 1998 for development, production and sales of specialty fiber cables, bundles and spectroscopy probes required for various applications in any range from UV to Mid InfraRed - from 180nm to 16µm. Pioneering development of unique extrusion technology of Polycrystalline IR-fibers (PIR-fibers) for Mid IR has put art photonics into the leading role in specialty fiber optics for 2.5-18µm spectral range.

Odense University Hospital is one of four Danish University Hospitals and employs approx. 9.000 people. The participating partner is the University’s Dept. of Clinical Microbiology which analyses more than 400.000 patient samples per year.

Danish Fundamental Metrology (DFM) A/S is the Danish national metrology institute. Operated as a non-profit university-owned company, with a high degree of solidity. DFM is part of the national technology infrastructure with task of maintaining core competences in the field of metrology. More information can be found on

BacAlert IVS is a part of PAJ Group Holding, and has expertise in developing and marketing products using advanced mechatronics. More information can be found on